Discover Pellet Fire

Pellet BBQs and heat sources with pellets are emerging and innovative and are not going away.

Why are we so sure about this?
The natural composition of the pellets ensures very good combustion with only 0.5% ash residue after combustion.
The combustion of pellets is CO2 neutral, because trees give off the same CO2 as when they are burned or rot on the floor in the forest.

We must, however, dispel the myth that “trees are cut down for pellets”.


The main product of a sawmill is cutlery wood, where so-called by-products such as wood chips and saw chips are released. These in turn can then be reused for wood wool insulation or pellets.

And of course, a replanting policy and good forest management are crucial. Only buy pellets with the ENplus label and then there is nothing wrong and no additional tree is cut.

Perhaps very strange for some, but the more wood applications we use (eg in construction or heating or cooking) the better for our local wood industry and our ecosystem. This will allow us all to become more independent and our cheap fuel will not be affected by international conflicts.

A tree can also provide us with a home, radiant heat, shade, anti-desertification and form a safe haven for thousands of fauna and flora species. And of course also cooking applications and lighting as you can see.
Is there any other fuel that can do this?